Oath Taking Ceremony

                                                                                         Oath Taking Ceremony Report 2024-2025

Date 26th March 2024

Venue- school auditorium

       The swearing in ceremony was held on 26th March in Nirmala convent school Satara.

It was indeed a Pride moment for all of us. The students had been waiting eagerly for this significant day as it officially marks them as the chosen ones to shoulder the responsibility of discipline of the school along with the teachers.

      The program began by welcoming and badging our dear sisters. The sisters and the cabinet members Marched towards the stage.

     The samai(lamp) was lit by our dear sisters and the previous year cabinet members.

      A short prayer service  was conducted which included the starting prayer, prayer song ,reading from the holy scriptures( Bible Quran and Bhagwat Geeta) ,concluding prayer.

       Then it was the time to move to the most awaited part of the program that is the Oath Taking Ceremony of the new school cabinet for the Academic Year 2024- 2025.

      The cabinet members March on the stage.

The earth was administered by the Principal Sister Stevina and all the cabinet members took the pledge.

Firstly the head boy and the head girl were announced. The school flag was handed over to them by the previous year's head boy and the head girl.

They were then bestowed with the badges and sash.

After this the assistant head boy and the assistant head girl followed by 4 house captains and vice captains, discipline captains, captains and sports captains also took the pledge and were bestowed wiith the badges and sash.

      The precious gems of Nirmala convent High school ,

Topaz ,Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald representating their respective houses marched on the stage representing their qualities.

      The prayer song' showers of blessings 'was played for the newly elected members God's abundant blessings on them.

The principal addressed the audience.

The newly elected cabinet members Marched downstairs with pride and confidence.

The sisters and teachers congratulated the newly elected cabinet members.

Vote of thanks was proposed and the program ended.